All about Electronic Travel Authorityyou should be knowing beforehand

If you are planning to visit a country using ETA or electronic travel authoritythen there are certain things which you should know beforehand so that it makes your process of application easy and as well as let you know in advance whether it will work out for you. ETA is accepted by many countries like visa australia which after mutual agreement with the other countries lays down the easier norms for the citizens of both the country to travel to each other places. This in one turn opens the door of tourism for country on the other hand helps people to go to the each other places easily. ETA can be helpful if you know certain things before hand:-

  • It doesn’t guarantee you that the visit is approved. The final judgement is still under the control of immigration authority.
  • You should apply it well in advance as depending on the departments it can some time to get processed.
  • As compared to visa all the process will be done electronically and need not to follow to the office of authority every day.
  • The ETA will be attached to your passport and will make your visit and paper work easy.
  • It can be used for only short term visit normally of 3 months which can be under business trip, visiting family or tourism
  • There are sites in web such as www eta immigov auwhich provides you with easy way of applying the ETA.

There are many countries which are now coming into agreement of ETA to make the life of citizen easy and make them more close to each other. Countries like Australia have taken this forward and has signed agreement with many neighboring countries to increase the footfall of tourist in its countries with ETA.