Australia ETA for Getting a Fast Approved Visiting Permit

Visa is essential if a person wants to visit a foreign country for any purpose be it for education, business or tourism. There are different types of visa which a person can apply for according to his or her need. People from some particular countries can visit Australia without having to have a visa if they fall into a certain category. They can apply for ETA.

An au visa or ETA allows citizens of certain countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and the United States to visit Australia for three months. These people can apply for it online and get approval quickly if all the requirements are met.

What is ETA?

It is a type of a short-term visa which allows a person to go to Australia. After its approval, it is linked electronically to the individual’s passport. It is applicable for only those foreign nationals who are eligible to apply. The eligibility requirement is that the person has to be a citizen of one of the countries mentioned above and have no other Australian visa.

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Purpose of Applying for ETA

There are various purposes for which a person applies for this visa. Since it is applicable for only a short period, it is the best option if a person plans to visit Australia for tourism purpose. Other than this it is efficient when going for a business trip which might include a meeting, exhibition or an essential event. This visa australia allows an individual for all these and more.

Time Period for ETA

The period for this is three months. Be it for any reason, business, tourism, meeting family or friends, the period remains the same. So this is only useful if the visit is for s short time.

People apply for Australia eta for various other reasons. The main reasons are mentioned above, other than that it is faster to get approval for this than a long-term visa. This requires fewer documents which help in getting it approved faster.