Crossword Puzzles- The Best Way to Spend Your Leisure Hours

Among various pass time quizzes and games, crosswords are an interesting and entertaining option. There are blank spaces to be filled with crossword puzzle answers. The blank squares are interrupted by black shaded squares that act as spaces for the words.

How to play?

Crosswords, as one knows are puzzles in a grid. We are given clues to fill in the blank boxes. Traditionally the answers are required to be filled across the rows and down the columns.

Crosswords Everywhere

Origining back in the early nineteenth century, crosswords are one of the popular puzzles. Over the years, the puzzle has found its way to not only weekend newspapers but also daily papers.

One may find the black and white grid of crossword puzzles in magazines as well. There are online apps for crosswords too.

crossword puzzle answers

Crosswords- a part and parcel of life

Solving crossword puzzle answers serves well, both in enhancing our knowledge power and an indulging hobby. It improves one’s vocabulary power. Be it a part of our breakfast routine or a ritual along with our evening cup of tea, the puzzles have been a part and parcel of many lives. Some insomniacs find it a boon to engage their sleepless minds functionally.


There are various types of crosswords basically depending on where the puzzles are published. American style, British style, Japanese style, Swedish style grids are some of the varieties.

Crossword Quiz Answers

For beginners it’s always recommended to solve easier levels subsequently proceeding to challenging levels. For those who seek crossword puzzle help they may look for clues. Various internet sites provide help and clues to find answers. Ones, who are stuck with a particular clue and are unable to fill the respective row or column, can find help. Certain websites provide search boxes wherein one can type the crossword clue and find the answer. Traditionally, one may also wait until the next issue of newspaper or magazine arrives at their door.

Young or old, crossword puzzles can be one’s ultimate leisure recreation. Better grab your newspaper or phone and solve one. Good luck!