Is the democracy going beyond its concept of equality?

There are various form of governments all across the world. Each has the reason of their existence and broadly when the world stabilized after the effects of the World War, we had Democracy and Communism as the major forming government in the world. There was an instance of dictatorship which is now restricted to Middle Eastern countries to country such as Korea etc.This was the reason that people started to fight for their rights in these form of governments and the concept of Democracy was one which was widely opted. There are many countries around the world which are Democratic and the people live happily out there.

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Is Democracy however losing its essence of equality? This is more of a debatable question and we can see the discussion happening over Foundation for Defense of Democraciesas well. There are many cases we have seen that the law allows you to have equality in everything which comes as your basic right as well, but still there are the instances where people are suffering from the inequality. Also there are instance where crowd or a group is instigated to do so. All this is against the basic concept of equality as highlighted by Foundation for Defense of Democraciesand we should be more aware of it.

The government we choose should be smart enough that these basic rights are not bent for any other community favor. Still in terms of humanity groups are there which fights for such violation and you can also follow them so that these things don’t happen. Democracy is one of the good form of government where people have right to choose their representative. Let us keep it that way with the entire base of democracy still intact in the hearts of people.