The Right Way to Approach a Crossword Puzzle

For successfully solving crossword puzzles, you need to start by taking certain steps for preparing yourself. Thesaurus and dictionary are a couple of useful items, as far as finding crossword quiz answers is concerned. With these in hand, you won’t be stuck with the confusing phrases and words.

Go through the clues first

When you sit to solve a crossword puzzle, the best thing to do is to start by reading through all the clues. Doing so, you will get an idea of which clues are relatively easy and which ones are rather complicated. You can mark the clues as per their difficulty. For instance, you can check mark the easier clues and encircle the difficult ones.

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Solve the clues systematically

When you are solving a crossword, you can get a head start if you start with longer and harder words. This helps in eliminating a majority of the puzzle. You can even break the puzzles into blocks until you have reached the end of the clues. For the clues you are facing difficulties with, you can always use crossword puzzle solver to find their answers.

Sometimes, there might be two or more answers to a crossword clue. You can write all the possible answers alongside the clue. When you have filled in enough squares, you can disregard the words that won’t possibly fit.

Many times, answers to the harder clues are related to the theme of the puzzle. So, you must also take into consideration the main theme while solving the puzzle.

You should start with the longer words only when you have finished with all the easy clues in the puzzle. You can use thesaurus or a dictionary if you come across a word you are unfamiliar with. Of course, you can also look for help online to find crossword puzzle answers.